Contraceptive ZB-06

ZabBio has developed a human contraceptive antibody for use as an on demand method of female contraception. The antibody potently agglutinates sperm as well as traps sperm in cervical mucus. Both of these mechanisms of action prevent sperm from ascending the female reproductive tract and fertilizing eggs.

The antibody-based product, ZB-06, is formulated as a vaginal film. A Phase 1 clinical trial is anticipated to begin in Q1 of 2021 at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine of the Eastern Virginia Medical School.

This project is a collaboration between Zab, Kentucky BioProcessing, Boston University, and Mucommune, Inc., and is funded by grants from NICHD (P50-HD96957-02) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (OPP1215425).